Auto Finesse Iron Out Contaminate Remover 500ml

Iron fallout, or rail dust as it is also known, is a growing problem because of mass transit and the ever-increasing traffic levels. The tiny ferrous shrapnel pieces get embedded into surfaces and when left unattended for long periods they will start corroding. The Auto Finesse Iron Out Contaminate Remover works to effectively remove these tiny pieces safely. The targeted pieces are dissolved before any significant damage can occur to your vehicle.

This remover is an advanced pH neutral formula in the form of a reactive gel which is suitable for use on different surfaces including painted, aluminium, magnesium, anodised finishes, glass, stainless-steel, chrome, plastic, and rubber. Iron Out also contains strong degreasing agents to help loosen road films, making it a powerful force in the decontamination process. The Auto Finesse Iron Out process must ideally be performed every 3 to 6 months on vehicles that are driven daily before the application of car wax, polishing or a paint sealant.

How do you know whether your car has ferrous contamination or not?

All you need to do is spray Iron Out onto a yellow foam pad and apply it to a small section of your vehicle’s wheels or paint. If you see a chemical reaction occur, this is an indicator that there is iron fallout present. The chemical reaction, often known as 'bleeding', is actually the solution turning blood red as soon as it comes in contact with the iron fallout. It temporarily highlights the contamination while it is dissolved.

The use of this formula is as simple as just spraying it, giving it time to react and then rinsing off. Although, you must take care to avoid brake discs and pads while using this product. Check out the product listing on our website for more details.
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