Benefits of alloy wheel straightening

Bent/ damaged wheels are an unfortunate consequence of potholes/ poorly maintained roads. This can be incredibly frustrating especially if it stops your wheel from holding air or damages the tyre also; We see a marked increase in damaged wheels during periods of poor weather (heavy rain/ snow etc)...

You may think it's something you either have to live with or must be replaced with a new wheel, however this needn't be the case and can easily be rectified with a visit to our workshop in Small Dole, West Sussex.

So what are the benefits of wheel straightening?

Ultimately it prolongs the life of your vehicle.
Driving on bent wheels can cause unneccessary stress and wear on your vehicle as well as increasing/ uneven tyre wear, decreasing fuel economy, causes annoying vibrations and potentially have a blowout while driving. 

MOT pass
Did you know a visibly bent wheel is an MOT failure?! Rectifying this before your MOT is due will save unnecessary hassle at the time.

Improved drive
You will likely notice an improved, smoother drive once you've had your wheel's straightened and those annoying vibrations disappear...

Most wheels can be repaired without the need for a replacement, this can be carried out on a next day basis. If you can't be without a vehicle we have a fleet of courtesy cars that can be utilised whilst yours is in with us. Just ask at the time of booking.

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