Customer satisfaction is key.....

1Customer service to us here at Kerbed is so important. We have spent the last 5 years striving to ensure we provide a consistent service that has customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.

Over the last couple of weeks, but in particular last night, I have been reminded why this is so important, especially for independent businesses such as ourselves.

Last night we took our team and their partners out for a meal to celebrate Christmas and thank them for their efforts this year. I hadn`t eaten at this particular place before and although the reviews were mixed (mostly good) I thought we`d try them out (I should have gone with somewhere I knew!).

If I were to explain how truly terrible every part of the customer service was I think I would be here all day and would bore you all to death! To get the general gist, it included impatience (despite barely taking my coat off the staff were wanting to take our order straight away), tutting, rudeness and a little bit of swearing (because they had run out of most of the menu and everyone was having to change their order, they also ran out of quite a few different drinks!). There was no smile, no apology for any of the issues. Generally just an attitude of `tough luck, this is what you get, I`ll take your money thankyou`.

It`s this kind of service that loses custom, never will I return and I doubt any of the other 10 people that were with me would either. Sometimes things go wrong, I appreciate that, it`s how you rectify it that will save your reputation!

So after yesterdays debacle, here`s my lists of Do`s and Dont`s:

Don`t make your customer feel rushed.

Don`t huff, puff, tut and give off negative body language.

Don`t swear/ mumble under your breath.

Don`t treat them as money makers.

Don`t make empty promises.


DO give your customers time and space.

DO provide help and advice that is specific to your customer.

DO treat your customer as an individual.

DO offer a friendly and inviting environment (smile!).

DO rectify any issue in a calm and professional manner.

DO offer a gesture of goodwill if it is needed.

DO under promise, over deliver.

DO take on board and review ALL feedback.

DO appreciate your customers, they are paying your overheads/ wages and if you do a good job they will be sure to recommend you. If you don`t they will be sure to slate you...


Everyone wants to receive excellent customer service, and everyone providing customer service should make sure that is what they are providing. No doubt we don`t always get it right here, but we certainly do our utmost to ensure we do so as much as possible.

Thursday 23rd July 2020
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Small Dole,
West Sussex,
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