Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs

Diamond cut alloy wheels have become a style associated with many of the new cars on the market. High spec, prestige cars often sport diamond cut alloy wheels due to their smart shiny finish. With their distinctive appeal they stand out completely and add a special touch to the overall look of a high-class vehicle. The popularity of diamond cut alloys is growing by the day and there are a number of everyday cars coming out with these alloys as standard.

As beautiful as they look, it can, however, be difficult to keep them looking as good as new. Diamond cut alloys have to be specially restored and to ensure this is done properly, specialist equipment is necessary. They require a specifically designed lathe with a diamond cutting tip to remove an incredibly thin layer of alloy to create that unique diamond cut look.

For repairs, the lathe helps remove the old layers of paint and lacquer to give you a smooth surface. A powder coat finish is then applied and cured. Once dry and cooled, a thin layer is cut from the alloy using a lathe after which a clear lacquer is applied. The alloy then goes back to the oven for a final cure. At Kerbed, we have specialist equipment and our staff are fully trained in carrying out diamond cut alloy wheel repair services.

If you need any kind of diamond cut alloy refurbishment, bring the car or the wheels into our workshop in Small Dole, West Sussex and we can fully refurbish diamond cut wheels in three to four days. Please give us a call on 01273 494678 to book your slot.
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