Powder Coat

Have your wheels lost their shine?

There are many ways powder coating is superior to traditional painting.  These include durability, finish and environmental impact.  The last of these is due to it not using a solvent the way traditional paints do.  Instead, power coating is done by essentially baking the colour on, lacquering it and then baking it again.  This creates a beautifully smooth, shiny finish which is highly durable in all weather conditions.

Our method of removing old paint is also environmentally friendly as we do not use harsh acids like some alloy wheel refurbishers do.  We use a solution called Biostrip which only removes paint and does not simply dissolve everything it touches.  In addition to being better for the environment, it produces an excellent result and is safer for our staff.  After stripping the paint, we repair all chips, scuffs and scrapes before undertaking the powder coating process.  Once the wheels are looking brand new again, we put the tyres back on, balance the wheels and put them back on the car or call you to arrange collection.

We track each wheel through the whole process using a unique serial number etched into the wheel so no mistakes are made.

For customers who have damaged the alloy wheels on leased vehicles, having them restored with us will save them a considerable amount of money as the fee for returning the vehicles with scratched wheels is often far more than having them refurbished by us.

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Powder CoatPowder CoatPowder Coat

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