Sealed Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sealed suitable for all tyres?

Sealed can be installed into all legal tyres. To work effectively, Sealed relies on good rubber recovery from the tyre which is not seen in older tyres, so be sure to keep an eye on the age of your tyres.
Sealed should not be installed into tyres with noise cancelling technology such as Pirelli NCS or Continentals ContiSilent.

Will it affect the balance of my tyres?

No. All tyres should be balanced before Sealed is installed. If your wheels are not in balance it is recommended this is rectified beforehand. If you have persistent balance issues, Sealed will work as self-balancing tool and the wheel weights should be removed.

How long does it take for Sealed to work?

After the initial settling period (3-5 miles) Sealed will begin to cover the crown of the tyre. High Speed and Heavy Duty Grades can take between 200 and 2000 miles to achieve complete inner tyre coverage (ie up to the rim of the tyre). Extra Heavy Duty Grade is dependent on vehicle usage, driving slowly around a building site, it may take a month; however sidewall coverage is not essential due to the larger quantities that are used.

Will it seal all punctures?

No. Sealed works in such a way that it will seal only punctures that are safe and have not damaged the integrity of the tyre. If a puncture is not safe, Sealed will slow the air loss, allowing you to safely remove the vehicle from the road. Sealed will provide a seal for puncturing objects up to 6mm in High Speed, 15mm in Heavy Duty and between 10 and 30mm in Extra Heavy Duty depending on the size and quality of tyre.

I have a puncturing object in my tyre, should I remove it?

Yes. If the object hasn’t already come out, you can remove the object yourself. NB screws must be unwound to prevent further damage to the tyre. As soon as the object is removed, you should either drive the vehicle a few hundred yards or turn the wheel so that the hole is at 6 O’ clock (ie at the bottom) to allow Sealed to work.

Is it important how much product is installed?

Yes. We have an online calculator on our website that should be used to find out how many units you need per tyre. Putting in too little will prevent Sealed from working effectively.

Will Sealed freeze in cold climates?

No. Sealed contains a non-toxic anti-freeze agent.

Can I still get the puncture repaired?

Yes, Sealed is water soluble. Simply wipe the effected area with a damp cloth, dry and then repair as normal.

Can Sealed be used in run flat tyres?


Can Sealed be used if my wheels are fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems?


Will Sealed corrode/ damage my rims?

No, Sealed has been specially formulated to ensure there are no adverse effects on the wheels or tyres.

Will Sealed last for the length of my tyre?

Yes! Sealed will not harden inside your tyre and is good until such time as the tyre needs replacing.

How is Sealed installed?

You can visit us at our unit in Small Dole, West Sussex and we can install for you using our calibrated pump. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our DIY kits and install at your leisure.

Sealed is easily installed into your tyres using a calibrated pump. Simply deflate your tyres to 25psi, place the nozzle over the valve and pump the correct number of units into the tyre. Once complete, replace the valve core, wipe away any excess product and reflate the tyre to the correct PSI. NB The 2 and 5 litre barrels that are supplied with 1-unit pumps can be installed into tyres with pressure up to 25si. The 4-unit pump that is compatible with 20L barrels can be installed against pressures up to 90psi.

What is a unit of Sealed when sold?

There are 34 units in a litre of 'Sealed'.
1 unit is therefore 2.94ml.

Is Sealed environmentally friendly?

Yes. Manufactured in the UK, non-toxic, water-soluble, safe for skin and can be washed down the drains. We do not have recycled packaging as yet but are working on this. To encourage reuse of the containers we can offer refills on-site to our local customers.

Does Sealed have a Safety Data Sheet?

Yes, you can view this by clicking here
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