Sealed - Puncture Proof Technology. Seals punctures as they happen. 

Sealed is a concentrated pre-treatment polymer gel that is inserted into your tyres BEFORE you receive a puncture. Sealing safe punctures as they occur, for the life of the tyre. In the event you have an unsafe puncture, Sealed will provide a controlled deflation, allowing you to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous situation.

Key Features

  • Seals safe punctures instantly and permanently.
  • Promotes uniform treadwear
  • Maintains Tyre pressure - thus decreasing fuel costs
  • Helps reduce heat build-up, tyres will run cooler and therefore last longer
  • Will not damage the tyre or rim
  • 100% Non Toxic, 95% Organic, Eco Friendly Water Based Formulation
  • Manufactured in the UK

There are 4 different grades available:

  • High Speed (rated up to speeds of 170mph) - for Cars, Motorbikes, LCV`s, Caravans, Motorhomes and Trailers
  • Heavy duty (rated up to speeds of 90mph) - for HGV`s, Coaches and Buses
  • Extra Heavy Duty (rated up to speeds of 50mph) - for Agricultural/ Construction Vehicles, Heavy Plant and Machinery, Quad Bikes, Golf Buggies etc
  • Cycle - for bicycles with Schrader valves.

Sealed makes a very thin coating which has the ability to remain suspended on to the tyre and will not drop to the bottom if the vehicle is left stationary. It`s Sealed`s proprietary process that prevents the formulation from separating and/or migrating to the tread area.

Sealed is a liquid coating that conditions the inner surface, eliminates porosity and bead leaks as minute amounts of air attempt to escape. Sealed continuously stands on guard to protect tyres against air loss from punctures for the tyre`s legal tread life. When a tyre is punctured, Sealed is forced against and around the puncturing object by the inner air pressure, thereby preventing air from escaping. (There is a running in time, and at least 200 miles should be allowed.)

If the puncturing object is thrown out of the tyre, or it is pulled out, the inside air forces Sealed into the puncture and immediately stops air loss. Special fibres entwine, forming a seal, then as the rubber recovers, aided by the flexing of the rotating tyre, the inner air pressure forces the seal well into and through the puncture.

Once Sealed is exposed to outside air, a unique curing process begins. The seal extends well into and through the puncture, and once cured provides a rubberised, waterproof seal.

Distributed by Kerbed LTD, Supplied and manufactured by Puncturesafe LTD, for further information please visit our FAQs or see Puncturesafe Ltd for more technical information.

Installation at our premises in Small Dole, West Sussex is charged at the following rates.

Prices are per unit and include VAT at the standard rate, to calculate how many units your tyres require please visit the calculator.


  • High Speed - 95p per unit
  • Heavy Duty - 85p per unit
  • Extra Heavy Duty - 80p per unit
  • Cycle - 80p per unit

DIY kits are also available from our online shop